Charlie Dean Collins
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Charlie Collins -
17, Ravenclaw - 6th year
I love to bake, I have a sister. Both my parents were muggles. If you need me I'm in the kitchen.
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i waaaaant to start roleplaying again i am so booored

Charlie’s Re-Application

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Charlie&Kili | Fist encounter |

It was the end of the school day for Charlie. It had been a stressful day, he had a test in Potions, two homework assignments due for Transfiguration and a quiz in Ancient Ruins. As he fumbled down the hall with all of his books and parchment, he knew he needed time to get away from the troubles of earlier. He stepped up the stairs leading to his common room. After answering the riddle, Charlie made his way to his bed where he placed all his books and papers down where he could forget about them for a few hours. Walking tiredly down the stares once more, the boy decided that he would spend a few quiet hours by Black Lake.

 It was a beautiful after noon, the January air nipped at his nose and the sun glowed through the trees in a most relaxing way. Charlie inhaled deeply the crisp, clean air, and with that Charlie wiped his mind of the tasks he had to later face. Down the gravel path he went, listening to the birds sing, and the wind dance through the trees. It was a most delightful afternoon. Charlie glanced around, taking in the beautiful scenery. The Black Lake reminded him of his own home. His father use to take Charlie up to a cabin that his grandparents owned. They would stay for the weekend after school was out (before he came to Hogwarts) Fishing, roasting marshmallows and star gazing. The lake had mountains all around, which the sun shone through so brightly, lighting up the lake, making it seem earlier than it was. 

Charlie thought back on the camping trips as he made his way under a oak tree near the lake to rest. Charlie sat down beneath the leaves of the tree and closed his eyes. He listened to the birds chirp, and the distant chattering of his school mates.

 When Charlie awoke it was much later, the sun was almost down the mountains and outside was much colder. Clouds had formed over head and white snowflakes were beginning to fall down onto the lake. Charlie laid still for a few moments, rubbing the sleepiness out from his eyes, yawning, Charlie zipped up his sweater. The boy did not want to go back just yet, Charlie checked his watch 6:08. Yes, Charlie had time to spare. He re-posited himself on the tree. As he did, he saw another person making their way down towards the lake. A tall, black haired person. Charlie did not recognize him, he wondered who he was. Charlie could see that the boy had a Slytherin scarf, he thought of what the boy could be up too, but Charlie realized he did not really care and it was then that he turned his focus back to the lake and sighed.

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